Martin Henk and I organized BMS Summer School 2015 Convex geometry - discrete and computational. Speakers included Alexander Barvinok, Greg Blekherman, Jesus de Loera, and Frank Vallentin. Check out the poster (that I made myself)

It's not a cookie. We used kinetic sand (just google for it).

Günter Ziegler and I organized the workshop Discrete Models in Geometry and Topology. Here in Berlin, March 23-26. With over 100 participants it was quite big.

Two years before, Günter Ziegler and I organized the workshop Delaunay Geometry: Polytopes, Triangulations and Spheres . Here in Berlin, October 7-9, 2013.

Arnau Padrol and I made the poster with stuff from an art supply store. The lighting is Arnau's smartphone (you can even see him a bit in the reflection in the sphere...).