Prof. Dr. Thorsten Theobald

FB 12 - Institut für Mathematik
Robert-Mayer-Str. 10
D-60325 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49-69-798-28188
E-mail: theobald AT
Office: 811
Office hour/Sprechstd.: Nach Lehrveranstaltungen oder n.V.
Secretary office (Anna Haacke): ++49-69-798-22526, haacke AT

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With M. Joswig: Polyhedral and Algebraic Methods in Computational Geometry, Springer, Universitext, 2013 (Revised translation of the German version).
Book edited (with I. Emiris, F. Sottile): Nonlinear Computational Geometry, IMA Volume, Springer, 2009.
With S. Iliman: Einführung in die computerorientierte Mathematik mit Sage. (In German). Springer Spektrum, 2016. Homepage of the book (including Sage code examples).

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