AG Mathematische Informatik
im WS 2004/05

Prof. Dr. C.-P. Schnorr, Prof. Dr. M. Sieveking
A. Scemama, R. Hartung

"AG Mathematische Informatik" is meant as a place to communicate on research areas, which are related to cryptography, discrete mathematics, and/or theoretical computer science. Anyone interested in these topics is kindly invited to attend. Proposals to contribition are also most appreciated.
The following talks have already been scheduled:

Fr, 19. 11. 04, 14 ct      room no. 901        Rupert Hartung:                Integral Representations of Ternary Quadratic Forms
Fr, 26. 11. 04, 14 ct room no. 901 Antoine Scemama: Efficient Low-Dimensional Lattice Base Reduction
Fr, 10.12. 04, 14 ct room no. 901 Bernhard Bodenstorfer:    Recent Developments in Hash-Functions

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