AG Mathematische Informatik
im SS 2005

Prof. Dr. C.-P. Schnorr, Prof. Dr. M. Sieveking
A. Scemama, R. Hartung

"AG Mathematische Informatik" is meant as a place to communicate on research areas, which are related to cryptography, discrete mathematics, and/or theoretical computer science. Anyone interested in these topics is kindly invited to attend. Proposals to contribition are also most appreciated.

Important: During the current semester, the AG will take place as a joint course with the group "Theoretical Computer Science" from the CS department.

Expectedly, all talks will be given at Seminarraum 9, ground floor of the "Informatik" department building, Robert-Mayer-Straße 11, on Wednesdays at 16:15. map

We aim at a schedule in which consecutive talks are offered by alternating groups. The schedule as well as further details will be soon available here, or by e-mail after sending a short note of interest to hartung (at)

The schedule as determined by now:

Mi, 20. 04. 05, 16 ct      room 9        Maik Weinard:                Die Grenzen von Queueing Strategien ohne Zeitnahme    abstract
Mi, 11. 05. 05, 16 ct      room 9        Rupert Hartung:                The Complexity of Computational Problems on Quadratic Forms   

Abstract of current talk:

Rupert Hartung: The Complexity of Computational Problems on Quadratic Forms
An integral quadratic form is a homogeneous polynomial of degree 2 over Z. Loosely speaking, understanding quadratic forms is equivalent with being able to solve quadratic equations, which is known to be NP-complete when the number of variables tends to infinity. In this talk, however, we consider computational problems for quadratic forms in low dimension (with n<5 variables) and show how their complexity relates to each other and to the factoring problem.

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