AG Diskrete Mathematik und Mathematische Informatik
Winter Term 2007 / 2008

Prof. Dr. C.-P. Schnorr, Prof. Dr. T. Theobald
Dr. H. Bosse, R. Hartung, C. Riener, A. Scemama, R. Steffens

"AG Diskrete Mathematik und Mathematische Informatik" is meant as a place to communicate on research areas, which are related to discrete mathematics, cryptography, discrete geometry, theory of lattices, disrete and number-theoretic algorithms, and/or theoretical computer science. Anyone interested in these topics is kindly invited to attend.

Our first meeting will be on May, 11th. Talks will take place at Raum 612, Robert-Mayer-Straße 10, on Fridays at 14:15. map

Tentative schedule:

09. Nov. 07, 14 ct      612        C.-P. Schnorr:                Identifikation und Signaturen mittels quaternärer quadratischer Formen
    --- fällt aus! ---     H. Bosse:                Positive Polynomials that are not Sums of Squares   
    --- fällt aus! ---     612        R. Steffens:                TBA   
11. Jan. 07, 14 ct      612        R. Hartung:                Quadratic Forms over Algebraic Number Fields: Computational Complexity
25. Jan. 07, 14 ct      612        F. Vallentin (CWI Amsterdam):                Semidefinite programming bounds for spherical codes    (click here for abstract)   
01. Feb. 07, 14 ct      612        Th. Theobald:                Aufzählung von Nash-Gleichgewichten bei kleinem Rang   
08. Feb. 07, 14 ct      612        A. Akhavi (Univ. Caen):                Speeding up Lattice Reduction with Random Projections    (click here for abstract)   

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