AG Diskrete Mathematik und Mathematische Informatik
im Frühjahr 2007

Prof. Dr. C.-P. Schnorr, Prof. Dr. T. Theobald
R. Hartung, C. Riener, A. Scemama, R. Steffens

"AG Diskrete Mathematik und Mathematische Informatik" is meant as a place to communicate on research areas, which are related to discrete mathematics, cryptography, discrete geometry, theory of lattices, disrete and number-theoretic algorithms, and/or theoretical computer science. Anyone interested in these topics is kindly invited to attend. Proposals to contribition are also most appreciated.

Our first meeting will be on Feb., 7th. Talks will take place at Raum 612, Robert-Mayer-Straße 10, on Wednesdays at 16:15. map

The schedule (subject to modifications):

Mi, 07. 02. 07, 16 ct      612        R. Steffens:                Einbettungen von Laman-Graphen    (Imbedding of Laman Graphs)
Mi, 14. 02. 07, 16:30 Uhr      612        C. Riener:                Extreme Gitter und Voronoi-Theorie    (Extreme Lattices and Voronoi Theory)
Mi, 21. 02. 07, 16 ct      612        A. Scemama:                Kryptanalysis des 2R Kryptoschema und uebersicht der Multivariate Kryptographie    (Attacks on a Multivariate Public-Key Crypto Scheme)
Mo, 26. 02. 07, 10 ct      612        I. Shparlinksi (Sydney):                Playing "Hide-and-Seek" in Finite Fields: The Hidden Number Problem and its Applications    Abstract
Mi, 28. 02. 07, 16 ct      612        R. Hartung:                Indefinite Formen - oder wie Gitterkryptographie effizient wird    (Indefinite Forms, or: How to make Lattice-Based Cryptography Efficient)

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