Attacking the Chor-Rivest Cryptosystem by Improved Lattice Reduction

Claus-Peter Schnorr und Horst Helmut Hörner
Fachbereich Mathematik (AG 7.2) / Informatik
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
PSF 111932
60054 Frankfurt/Main, Germany

We introduce algorithms for lattice basis reduction that are improvements of the famous L3-algorithm. If a random L3-reduced lattice basis b1,b2,...,bn is given such that the vector of reduced Gram-Schmidt coefficients ({µi,j} 1<= j< i<= n) is uniformly distributed in [0,1)n(n-1)/2, then the pruned enumeration finds with positive probability a shortest lattice vector. We demonstrate the power of these algorithms by solving random subset sum problems of arbitrary density with 74 and 82 many weights, by breaking the Chor-Rivest cryptoscheme in dimensions 103 and 151 and by breaking Damgard's hash function.

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