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Research Group of Prof.C.P.Schnorr, University of Frankfurt am Main

Efficient Non-Malleable Commitment Schemes

Marc Fischlin & Roger Fischlin
Fachbereich Mathematik (AG 7.2)
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
PSF 111932
60054 Frankfurt/Main, Germany

e-mail: {marc, fischlin}

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Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol.1880,
Springer-Verlag, pp.414-432, 2000.

We present efficient non-malleable commitment schemes based on standard assumptions such as RSA and Discrete-Log, and under the condition that the network provides publicly available RSA or Discrete-Log parameters generated by a trusted party. Our protocols require only three rounds and a few modular exponentiations. We also discuss the difference between the notion of non-malleable commitment schemes used by Dolev, Dwork and Naor [DDN00] and the one given by Di Crescenzo, Ishai and Ostrovsky [DIO98].

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