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Research Group of Prof.C.P.Schnorr, University of Frankfurt am Main

A Cost-Effective Pay-Per-Multiplication Comparison Method for Millionaires

Marc Fischlin
Fachbereich Mathematik (AG 7.2)
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
PSF 111932
60054 Frankfurt/Main, Germany


Copyright: © Springer-Verlag

Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol.???,
Springer-Verlag, pp.???-???, 2001.

Based on the quadratic residuosity assumption we present a non-interactive crypto-computing protocol for the greater-than function, i.e., a non-interactive procedure between two parties such that only the relation of the parties' inputs is revealed. In comparison to previous solutions our protocol reduces the number of modular multiplications significantly. We also discuss applications to conditional oblivious transfer, private bidding and the millionaires' problem.

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