Submissions should contain recent original research relevant to effective methods in algebraic geometry (in a broad sense), including their foundations, analysis, complexity, computational aspects, practical issues and applications.

There are two possible modes of submission:

The introduction should clearly state the contributions and achievements of the paper. It will be used to organize the refereeing, and should give sufficient details to understand the significance of the contribution and assign the paper to a proper referee.

Extended abstracts related to papers already submitted elsewhere might be acceptable but this fact has to be stated and motivated in the abstract. The acceptance of an already submitted paper depends on the special significance and on the research perspectives opened by the paper.

Acceptance of a submitted contribution means acceptance for oral presentation only. It is planned that there will be a special issue of a journal to which authors of accepted original papers will be invited to submit the full version by the time of the conference. Only original research contributions will be considered for publication in the journal special issue.

Call for software presentations

Software developers are invited to present new software related to effective methods in algebraic geometry at MEGA 2013. A special software session will be planned during the conference for short oral presentations and/or demonstrations.

Submissions of software presentations/demos have to describe original material concerning software developments or experiences, regarding effective methods in algebraic geometry. The contribution can take the form of a case study, controlled experiment, original applications of existing software libraries or development of new software and systems.

The submissions of the software should be in the form of an abstract (up to four pages) describing the proposal according to the above requirements. The abstract should include a valid URL or contact address for obtaining or using the software packages and any link to the documentation.

Important dates:

Submission process:

Papers are to be submitted online through the Easy Chair interface, which is available at . Submissions for software presentations/demos are to be submitted as a pdf-file to .