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The lecture room is part of the campus Bockenheim. Caveat: The other campuses (Westend, Riedberg) are *FAR AWAY*.

The subway: From the main station: Take subway U4 and exit at terminal station "Bockenheimer Warte". Caveat: Reverse direction of U4 "Bornheim" sounds similar!

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The lecture room is in the last building on the right.

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Accepted oral presentations

Stefano Urbinati.
Divisorial models of normal varieties

Paolo Lella and Enrico Schlesinger.
Explicit construction of degenerations of space curves to extremal curves

Nicolas Botbol, Laurent Buse and Marc Chardin.
Fitting ideals and multiple-points of surface parameterizations

Francesco Amoroso, Louis Leroux and Martin Sombra.
Overdetermined systems of sparse polynomial equations

Florian Block and Diane Maclagan.
A tropical approach to computing effective cones

Ada Boralevi, Emilia Mezzetti and Daniele Faenzi.
Linear spaces of matrices of constant rank and instanton bundles

Timo de Wolff and Sadik Iliman.
Separating inequalities for nonnegative polynomials that are not sums of squares

Luis Tabera.
On real tropical bases and real discriminants

Alexander Engström and Matthew Stamps.
Betti diagrams from graphs

Teresa Cortadellas and Carlos D'Andrea.
Minimal generators of the defining ideal of the Rees Algebra associated to a rational plane parameterization with \mu=2

Andreas-Stephan Elsenhans.
Explicit computations of invariants of plane quartic curves

Patricio Gallardo.
On the GIT compactification of the moduli space of smooth hypersurfaces

Matthias Fetzer, Eduardo Saenz-De-Cabezon and Werner M Seiler.
On the free resolution induced by a Pommaret basis

Romain Lebreton.
Relaxed Hensel lifting of triangular sets

Nickolas Hein, Frank Sottile and Jonathan Hauenstein.
Certifiable Numerical Computations in Schubert Calculus

Gabor Hegedüs, Zijia Li, Schicho Josef and Hans-Peter Schröcker.
A Genus Bound for Closed 6R Linkages

Chiara Marcolla, Marco Pellegrini and Massimiliano Sala.
On the Hermitian curve and its intersections with some conics

Jose Rodriguez.
Combinatorial Excess Intersection

J. Maurice Rojas, Martin Avendano, Roman Kogan and Mounir Nisse.
Metric Estimates for Archimedean Amoebae and Tropical Hypersurfaces

Anton Leykin and Daniel Plaumann.
Determinantal representations of hyperbolic curves via polynomial homotopy continuation

Wenrui Hao, Jonathan Hauenstein, Bei Hu and Andrew Sommese.
A bootstrapping approach for computing multiple solutions of differential equations

Winfried Bruns and Christof Söger.
The computation of generalized Ehrhart series in Normaliz

Carlos D'Andrea, Teresa Krick and Agnes Szanto.
Subresultants, Sylvester sums and the rational interpolation problem

Welleda Baldoni, Arzu Boysal and Michele Vergne.
Multiple Bernoulli series and volumes of moduli spaces of flat bundles

Bihan Frederic.
Extremal polynomial systems supported on circuits

Mateusz Michalek, Luke Oeding and Piotr Zwiernik.
Secant Cumulants and Toric Geometry

Pierre-Vincent Koseleff and Daniel Pecker.
On Alexander-Conway polynomials of two-bridge links

Gabriela Jeronimo and Daniel Perrucci.
A probabilistic symbolic algorithm to find the minimum of a polynomial function on a basic closed semialgebraic set

Gleb Gusev and Alexander Esterov.
Systems of equations with a single solution

Thomas Kahle and Johannes Rauh.
Segre products, toric fiber products and normality

Pascal Koiran, Natacha Portier and Sébastien Tavenas.
A Wronskian Approach to the Real tau-Conjecture

Alexander Aleksandrov.
Computing the index of vector fields at Cohen-Macaulay curves

Isabel Bermejo and Eva Garcia-Llorente.
Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity of projective monomial curves associated to arithmetic sequences

Xavier Guitart and Marc Masdeu.
Numerical evidence for the rationality of Darmon points

Antoine Colin and Marc Giusti.
Efficient computation of square-free Lagrange resolvents

Claudia Reynoso Alcántara.
Stratification of the space of foliations on CP2

Viktor Levandovskyy and Jorge Martin Morales.
Central characters, Bernstein-Sato polynomials and associated stratifications

Accepted posters

Patrik Norén.
The three-state toric homogeneous Markov chain model has Markov degree two

Daniel Plaumann, Rainer Sinn, David E Speyer and Cynthia Vinzant.
Computing Hermitian Determinantal Representations of Hyperbolic Curves

Zvi Rosen and Franz Kiraly.
Symmetries and Finiteness for Algebraic Matroids

Carlos Andradas, Tomas Recio, Rafael Sendra, Luis-Felipe Tabera and Carlos Villarino.
Reparametrizing Rational Revolution Surfaces over the Reals

Anders Lundman.
Local positivity of line bundles on toric varieties and Cayley polytopes

Maria Emilia Alonso Garcia and Andre Galligo.
Root Isolation for Lacunary Univariate Polynomials

Marco Compagnoni and Roberto Notari.
A Geometric Model for TDOA--based Source Localization

Marta Narvaez.
Bounds for the Height of a Parametrization of a Rational Plane Curve

Cristina Bertone, Francesca Cioffi and Margherita Roggero.
A division algorithm in an affine framework for flat families covering Hilbert schemes

Simon King.
An F5 algorithm for modules over path algebra quotients and the computation of Loewy layers

Vissarion Fisikopoulos.
A software framework for computing Newton polytopes of resultants and (reduced) discriminants

Michela Ceria.
JMBTest.lib and JMSConst.lib: Singular Tools for J-Marked SCHEMES

Benjamin Assarf, Michael Joswig and Andreas Paffenholz.
Wronski Polynomial Systems with Polymake and Singular

Accepted software presentations (oral):

Mark van Hoeij, Raimundas Vidunas
Software for computing Belyi functions of genus 0

Christopher J. Hillar, Robert Krone, and Anton Leykin
Algorithms for Equivariant Grobner Bases

Chan, Andrew

Simon Keicher
A Package on Mori Dream Spaces

M. Barakat, J. Boehm, W. Decker, Y. Ren, H. Schoenemann
Connecting Singular, GAP, Polymake, and Gfan

B. Ichim, C. Söger, W. Bruns