MEGA 2013 is the twelfth meeting in a conference series whose roots date back to 1990.

Previous MEGA conferences were held in 1990 (Castiglioncello, Italy), 1992 (Nice, France), 1994 (Santander, Spain), 1996 (Eindhoven, Netherlands), 1998 (St. Malo, France), 2000 (Bath, United Kingdom), 2003 (Kaiserslautern, Germany), 2005 (Porto Conte, Italy), 2007 (Strobl, Austria), 2009 (Barcelona, Spain), and 2011 (Stockholm, Sweden).

Proceedings, respectively journal special issues, containing a selection of the papers and invited talks presented at previous MEGA conferences have been published by Birkhäuser in the series Progress in Mathematics (volumes no. 94, 109 and 143), by the Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra (volumes no. 117 and 118, 139 and 164) and by the Journal of Symbolic Computation (volumes no. 39(3-4), 42(1-2), 44(9) and 45(12)).