Symposium in honour of Olav Kallenberg

From June 24-28, 2013, nearly 30 probabilists met at the Institut Mittag-Leffler of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to honour the scientific work of Professor Olav Kallenberg. The workshop was centered on themes which are important in Olav's scientific work. There were talks on exchangeability, symmetries and invariance principles (David Aldous, Ilya Molchanov, Giovanni Peccati), on random measures, point processes and random sets (Alexander Holroyd, Martin Jacobsen, Günter Last, Hermann Thórisson, Martina Zähle) and on superprocesses and random trees (Don Dawson, Steven N. Evans, Andreas Greven, Olle Häggström, Peter Jagers, Jean-François Le Gall, Tatyana Turova). Further talks were given by Priscilla Greenwood (on dynamics of gamma bursts in local field potentials), Lars Holst (on probabilistic proofs of Euler identities), John Kingman (on Markov processes without time invariance), Takis Konstantopoulos (on iterated Brownian motion), and Fima Klebaner (on fake Brownian motion). Klaus Krickeberg provided an interesting and very personal insight into his more than 35 years of working in the field of health statistics in Vietnam. Torgny Lindvall gave a talk on the highly influential scientific work of Wolfgang Doeblin.

Olav Kallenberg himself presented a lecture on "Some failures, problems, and conjectures from a lifetime in probability". He formulated six open problems which have been the driving force behind much of his mathematical work. These are extension problems for symmetric arrays, representation of exchangeable random sheets, approximations in fractal random measures, tree structures in superprocesses and multiple point process integrals, and stationary line and flat processes.

The organizers (Peter Jagers, Günter Last, Torgny Lindvall, Hermann Thórisson, Anton Wakolbinger) are very grateful to the Mittag-Leffler institute for having made this exciting and memorable event possible.

Group photo 1
Group photo 2
Olav lecturing

Here are links to the slides with the problems posed by Olav as well as to the slides of some of the other talks.

Olav Kallenberg Some Failures, Problems, and Conjectures from a Lifetime in Probability
David Aldous Exchangeability and Continuum Limits
Donald Dawson Multitype mutation-selection-migration dynamics and a set-valued dual
Steven N. Evans Doob-Martin boundary of Rémy's tree growth chain
Andreas Greven Evolution of genealogies in populations
Alexander Holroyd Invariant Matching and Allocation
Martin Jacobsen Martingale methods for obtaining Gerber-Shiu Type formulas in risk theory
Peter Jagers On the persistence of populations
John Kingman Markov process theory without time invariance?
Takis Konstantopoulos Infinitely iterated Brownian motion
Klaus Krickeberg Do you need mathematics in Public Health?
Günter Last Invariant transports of stationary random measures
Jean-François Le Gall The harmonic measure of balls in random trees
Ilya Molchanov Symmetries based on absolute moments
Hermann Thorisson Unbiased shifts of Brownian motion